December 6th, 2006

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Недавно посмотрел "Догвиль" и совершенно его не понял. Поверьте, по поводу самого что ни есть "философского" фильма у меня хоть какие-то мысли возникали но тут нечего.Просто стыдно. Может быть кто нибудь знает? Помогите. Хотя бы - как сам режисер обьясняет.
Ч/б фото

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Получил сегодня письмо:

"Look for the Key
Film as media has one great flaw – it’s a one-way media with a passive audience.
As much as I love to dictate the storyline and control the experience I still wish that the audience could take an active part - could invest just a fraction of themselves.
“Lookey” is an invitation for the audience to play along. It’s a basic mind game, played with movies as game boards. A Lookey is a visual disturbance out of context with the rest of the movie. For the casual observer it’s just a glitch or mistake but for the initiated it’s a riddle to be solved. All Lookeys in a movie can be decoded by a system that is unique for the movie. To decipher the system is part of the challenge.Ѕ
The superior observer is awarded.
The first movie to explore the concept is my Danish comedy “The Boss of it All”, where the first in Denmark to find all Lookeys will be rewarded with 30.000 DKR and the opportunity to be an extra in my next film.
The concept is an open invitation to all filmmakers.
Play along at

Lars von Trier

Понял, что срочно нужно смотреть "The Boss of it All" (Direktøren for det hele, 2006).

Вот только где его достать? Кто-нибудь уже видел на DVD?