March 31st, 2006

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Как снять культовое кино

Вариант 1. Джон Кассаветис "Тени"
Посвящается Чарли Мингусу

!Shadows from beginning to end was a creative accident. I was going on Jean Shepherd's Night People radio show, because he had plugged Edge of the City, and I wanted to thank him for it. I told Jean about the piece we had done, and how it could be a good film. I said, "Wouldn't it be terrific if [ordinary] people could make movies, instead of all these Hollywood big-wigs who are only interested in business and how much the picture was going to gross and everything?" And he asked if I thought I'd be able to raise the money for it." If people really want to see a movie about people," I answered, "they should just contribute money." For a week afterwards, money came in. At the end it totaled $2,500. And we were committed to start a film. One soldier showed up with five dollars after hitchhiking 300 miles to give it to us. And some really weird girl came in off the street; she had a mustache and hair on her legs and the hair on her head was matted with dirt and she wore a filthy polka-dot dress; she was really bad. After walking into the workshop, this girl got down on her knees, grabbed my pants and said, "I listened to your program last night. You are the Messiah." Anyway, she became our sound editor and straightened out her life. In fact, a lot of people who worked on the film were people who were screwed up – and got straightened out working with the rest of us. We wouldn't take anything bigger than a five dollar bill...!
Вариант 2:
Peter Tscherkassky отправился одним солнечным воскресным утром на блошиный рынок, купил там за 5 марок чей-то старый home-movie на 8 мм. И смонтировал из топора кашу - короткометражный "Happy Times", который теперь Венский музей кино регулярно показывает с плохо скрываемым удовольствием. 
Вот как.
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